Support Estimation using Ground Reaction Curves RocSupport is a quick and easy to use tool for estimating deformation in circular or near circular excavations in weak rock, and visualization of its interaction with various support systems. Given the excavation radius, in-situ stress conditions, rock parameters and support parameters, the program can perform either deterministic or probabilistic analysis to find the corresponding factor of safety or probability of failure. Slide version 3.0 calculates safety factors for circular and non-circular slope failure surfaces, based on a number of widely used limit equilibrium techniques including Bishop, Janbu, Spencer, Corp Engineers 1&2, Lowe&Karafiath, and GLE. The simple to use editing tools provide a convenient method for performing parametric studies. The graphical data interpreter provides a rich set of tools for the convenient display of model results. With Slide, you can very quickly and easily create a model, perform a stability analysis, and interpret the results.











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