3차원 지반 및 터널 굴착 Examine3D is an engineering analysis program for underground excavations in rock. Although the program was developed mainly for stress analysis, its data visualization tools can be applied to a wide range of three-dimensional mining and civil engineering data. For example, Examine3D has been used to visualize microseismic datasets such as seismic velocity, source parameters, and event density. The package consists of three program modules: Model generates the geometry and boundary element discretization for underground openings; Compute performs the computation of stresses and displacements, using the direct boundary element method; and Interpret, with 3D animation capability, visualizes the analysis results. Each of the three modules can be run independently. For example, the input data for Compute can be generated using Model or some other CAD based program. Similarly, Interpret accepts data from Compute or from some other source. Both Model and Interpret are fully interactive and menu-driven programs











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