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  The easy way to analyse soil structure interaction of a laterally-loaded pile

When it comes to laterally-loaded pile design software, Alp makes things simple.

This laterally loaded pile analysis software models soil shear failure and non-linear soil behaviour, calculating deflection down

the pile together with moments and shear forces within the pile.



       Choose options to suit any piling project

Pile movements and   displacements         Alp is a flexible piece of software designed for demanding projects.

         Users can tailor the options to suit, and see and share results in a clear graphical output.

         The software is simple to set up.

         Alp represents the pile as a series of elastic beam elements and the soil as a series of

         independent springs. Alp handles soil properties varying with depth, and users can

         specify water pressures as hydrostatic or piezometric.

         They can also Apply lateral loads or bending moments at any location down the pile.

         The same goes for full, lateral or bending moment restraint. Displacements can be imposed in the body of soil surrounding the pile,

         the top of which can be above ground level.

         Designed with busy engineers in mind, Alp is already used to analyse the soil structure interaction of laterally-loaded piles

         on projects around the world.




        ▶ Soil properties can vary with depth

        ▶ Water pressures may be either hydrostatic or piezometric

        ▶ Lateral loads or bending moments can be applied at any location down the pile

        ▶ Partial or full, lateral or bending moment restraint can be placed at any depth down the pile

        ▶ The top of the pile can be above ground level

        ▶ Uniformly distributed surcharges can be placed at any depth

        ▶ Displacements can be imposed in the body of soil surrounding the pile

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