터널 쐐기해석(Stability Analysis of Wedges for Underground Excavations) Unwedge is a three-dimensional stability analysis and visualization program for underground excavations in rock containing intersecting structural discontinuities. Safety factors are calculated for potentially unstable wedges, and support requirements can be modeled using various types of pattern and spot bolting, and shotcrete. Unwedge provides an integrated graphical environment for data entry and visualization. A CAD based modeler allows for point and click geometry input and editing. Popup windows allow for easy entry and modification of model parameters. The simple to use editing tools provide a convenient method for performing parametric studies. The graphical data interpreter provides a rich set of tools, including 3-D animation, for the convenient display of wedges surrounding the excavation. With Unwedge you can quickly create a model, perform a safety factor analysis, place reinforcement and interpret the results.











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